uncontrolled Definition

  • 1not restrained or managed
  • 2not subject to control or regulation

Using uncontrolled: Examples

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    The fire was uncontrolled and quickly spread to the neighboring buildings.

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    His uncontrolled anger caused him to say hurtful things.

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    The company's uncontrolled spending led to bankruptcy.

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Summary: uncontrolled in Brief

The term 'uncontrolled' [ˌʌnkənˈtrəʊld] refers to something that is not restrained or managed, and is not subject to control or regulation. It can be used to describe situations such as a fire that spreads quickly, or a person's uncontrolled anger that causes them to say hurtful things. The term is often used formally as 'unrestrained,' and informally as 'out of control' or 'wild.'