unchecked Definition

  • 1not examined, inspected, or scrutinized
  • 2not controlled or restrained

Using unchecked: Examples

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  • Example

    The virus spread unchecked throughout the country.

  • Example

    Unchecked aggression can lead to conflict and violence.

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    The company's financial records were left unchecked for years.

  • Example

    The unchecked growth of the city has led to environmental problems.

unchecked Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unchecked

  • having no limits or restraints on one's authority or control


    The dictator's unchecked power led to widespread oppression and human rights abuses.

  • having no limits or restraints on one's desire for success or achievement


    His unchecked ambition led him to sacrifice his personal life for his career.

  • referring to the uncontrolled or unregulated movement of people across borders


    The government's failure to address unchecked immigration has led to social and economic problems.


Summary: unchecked in Brief

The term 'unchecked' [ʌnˈtʃekt] refers to something that has not been examined, inspected, or scrutinized, or something that is not controlled or restrained. Examples include the unchecked spread of a virus, unchecked aggression, and unchecked growth of a city. Phrases like 'unchecked power' and 'unchecked ambition' denote the lack of limits or restraints on one's authority or desire for success.

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