rich Definition

  • 1having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy
  • 2having a lot of something desirable or valuable
  • 3full and deep in tone; having a strong and pleasant quality

Using rich: Examples

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    He is a rich businessman.

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    The cake was rich and delicious.

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    The soil is rich in nutrients.

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    She has a rich voice.

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Idioms Using rich

  • a plentiful source of something valuable or desirable


    The new book contains a rich vein of information about the history of the city.

  • a complex and varied mixture of different elements


    The country's culture is a rich tapestry of different traditions and customs.

  • a phenomenon where those who are already wealthy tend to accumulate more wealth over time


    The government's policies have been criticized for perpetuating the cycle of the rich getting richer.

Phrases with rich

  • get rich quick

    a scheme or plan for making a lot of money quickly and easily


    The seminar promised to teach people how to get rich quick, but it turned out to be a scam.

  • strike it rich

    to suddenly become very rich or successful


    After years of struggling, he finally struck it rich with his new invention.

  • people who are wealthy and well-known


    The party was attended by the rich and famous from all over the world.

Origins of rich

from Old English 'rīċe', meaning 'powerful, mighty'


Summary: rich in Brief

The adjective 'rich' [rɪtʃ] can describe someone who has a lot of money or assets, as in 'He is a rich businessman,' or something that is full and deep in tone, as in 'She has a rich voice.' It can also describe something that is abundant or desirable, as in 'The cake was rich and delicious.' Phrases like 'get rich quick' and idioms like 'the rich get richer' reflect the cultural significance of wealth. 'Rich' can also be used informally, as in 'rolling in it.'

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