rushed Definition

  • 1done or completed quickly, often too quickly
  • 2having a sense of urgency or being in a hurry

Using rushed: Examples

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  • Example

    I rushed through my breakfast and left for work.

  • Example

    The rushed pace of the project led to several mistakes.

  • Example

    She felt rushed and stressed out by the deadline.

rushed Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with rushed

  • rushed off one's feet

    to be extremely busy or overworked


    Ever since the new restaurant opened, the staff have been rushed off their feet.

  • a task that is done quickly and without proper care or attention


    The shoddy workmanship on the repairs suggested it was a rush job.

  • the time of day when roads and public transport are most crowded because people are travelling to or from work


    I avoid driving during rush hour because the traffic is always terrible.


Summary: rushed in Brief

The term 'rushed' [rสŒสƒt] describes something that is done quickly, often too quickly, or has a sense of urgency. It can refer to tasks or projects, as in 'The rushed pace of the project led to several mistakes,' or to people, as in 'She felt rushed and stressed out by the deadline.' Phrases like 'rushed off one's feet' and 'rush hour' extend the concept to being extremely busy or crowded.