salty Definition

  • 1containing or tasting of salt
  • 2angry or bitter
  • 3slang: racy or scandalous

Using salty: Examples

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  • Example

    The soup is too salty for my taste.

  • Example

    He made a salty comment about her appearance.

  • Example

    She was feeling salty after losing the game.

  • Example

    The movie has some really salty language.

salty Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with salty

  • a person or group of people regarded as the finest or most admirable in society


    The volunteers who helped rebuild the town after the hurricane were the salt of the earth.

  • to be skeptical or doubtful about something


    I heard that he's quitting his job, but I'll take it with a grain of salt until I hear it from him directly.

  • rub salt in someone's wounds

    to make someone feel worse about a bad situation


    After she lost the game, her opponent rubbed salt in her wounds by gloating about his victory.


Summary: salty in Brief

The term 'salty' [ˈsɔːlti] has three main meanings. First, it refers to something containing or tasting of salt. Second, it can describe someone who is angry or bitter. Third, it is slang for something racy or scandalous. Examples include 'The soup is too salty for my taste,' and 'The movie has some really salty language.' Phrases include 'salt of the earth,' meaning the finest or most admirable people in society, and 'take something with a grain of salt,' meaning to be skeptical.

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