scenery Definition

the natural features of a landscape considered in terms of their appearance, especially when picturesque.

Using scenery: Examples

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    The scenery in the countryside is breathtaking.

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    The play's scenery was very realistic.

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    The city's skyline is one of the most famous urban scenery in the world.

scenery Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for scenery

Phrases with scenery

  • scenery-chewing

    an acting style that is exaggerated and melodramatic


    His scenery-chewing performance in the play was criticized by the reviewers.

  • a change of environment or surroundings, often to provide relief from stress or monotony


    I need a change of scenery after working in the same office for ten years.

  • to create a visual representation of a landscape or environment using paint or other artistic media


    She spent the afternoon painting the scenery of the park.

Origins of scenery

from Italian 'scenografia', meaning 'representation of a scene'


Summary: scenery in Brief

The term 'scenery' [ˈsiːnəri] refers to the natural features of a landscape, especially when picturesque. It can also refer to the artificial elements used in theater productions or film sets. Phrases like 'change of scenery' denote a change of environment, while 'paint the scenery' means to create a visual representation of a landscape.

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