scorched Definition

  • 1burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat.
  • 2destroy completely by fire.
  • 3criticize someone severely.

Using scorched: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun had scorched the grass brown.

  • Example

    The building was scorched beyond repair.

  • Example

    He was scorched by the critics for his latest film.

  • Example

    The heat scorched my skin.

  • Example

    The fire scorched the trees and bushes.

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Summary: scorched in Brief

The verb 'scorched' [skɔːtʃt] means to burn the surface of something with flame or heat, destroy completely by fire, or criticize someone severely. It is often used to describe the effects of heat on objects or people, as in 'The sun had scorched the grass brown' or 'The heat scorched my skin.' 'Scorched' can also be used figuratively to describe severe criticism, as in 'He was scorched by the critics for his latest film.'

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