burnt Definition

  • 1(of a fire) having been alight and then gone out
  • 2having been subjected to fire or intense heat, especially so as to change color, form, or taste

Using burnt: Examples

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    The burnt toast was inedible.

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    The house was destroyed by the burnt-out fire.

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    The burnt smell of the cookies filled the kitchen.

burnt Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with burnt

  • a sacrifice that is consumed by fire, often as an act of worship


    In the Old Testament, burnt offerings were made to God as a sign of devotion.

  • a reddish-brown color resembling that of raw sienna but darker


    She painted the sunset with shades of burnt sienna and orange.

  • exhausted physically or emotionally, especially as a result of long-term stress or dissipation


    After years of working in the same job, he felt burnt out and needed a break.


Summary: burnt in Brief

The term 'burnt' [bɜːnt] refers to something that has been subjected to fire or intense heat, resulting in a change of color, form, or taste. It can also refer to a fire that has gone out. Examples include 'The burnt toast was inedible.' and 'The house was destroyed by the burnt-out fire.' 'Burnt' extends into phrases like 'burnt offering,' and 'burnt out,' denoting exhaustion from long-term stress or dissipation.