scribble Definition

  • 1write or draw (something) carelessly or hurriedly
  • 2a piece of writing or a drawing done in a careless or hurried way

Using scribble: Examples

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  • Example

    She scribbled a note and left it on the table.

  • Example

    The page was covered in scribbles and doodles.

  • Example

    I couldn't read his handwriting because it was just a bunch of scribbles.

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    He scribbled down the phone number on a scrap of paper.

scribble Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with scribble

  • a small notebook used for jotting down notes or ideas


    I always carry a scribble pad with me to write down ideas as they come.

  • to write or draw something quickly and without much thought or care


    She sat at her desk and scribbled away in her notebook.

  • to cross out or erase something that has been written or drawn


    He scribbled out the mistake and wrote the correct spelling above it.

Origins of scribble

from Middle English 'scriblen', meaning 'to write hastily'


Summary: scribble in Brief

To 'scribble' [ˈskrɪbəl] means to write or draw something carelessly or hurriedly. It can refer to both the action and the result of such writing or drawing, as in 'The page was covered in scribbles and doodles.' 'Scribble' can also be used in phrases like 'scribble pad,' which is a small notebook for jotting down notes, and 'scribble out,' which means to cross out or erase something.