scribe Definition

  • 1a person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do this before printing was invented
  • 2a writer, especially a journalist
  • 3a person who writes things down, especially one who writes shorthand or takes notes

Using scribe: Examples

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  • Example

    In ancient times, scribes were responsible for copying important documents by hand.

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    The scribe took notes during the meeting and transcribed them later.

  • Example

    The newspaper hired a scribe to cover the local politics beat.

  • Example

    She is a skilled scribe who can take notes in shorthand.

scribe Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with scribe

  • someone who wants to become a writer or journalist


    He spent his free time writing short stories, hoping to become an aspiring scribe someday.

  • scribe's desk

    a desk or table used for writing or copying documents


    The scribe sat at his desk, carefully copying the manuscript onto a fresh sheet of parchment.

  • scribe's tools

    writing implements used by a scribe, such as quills, ink, and parchment


    The museum displayed a collection of ancient scribe's tools, including inkwells and styluses.

Origins of scribe

from Latin 'scriba', meaning 'writer'


Summary: scribe in Brief

A 'scribe' [skraɪb] is someone who writes things down, either by copying documents or taking notes. This can refer to a person who copied documents by hand before printing was invented, or to a modern-day writer or journalist. The term also encompasses those who write in shorthand or take notes. Examples include 'The newspaper hired a scribe to cover the local politics beat,' and 'She is a skilled scribe who can take notes in shorthand.'