scuttle Definition

  • 1to run with quick, hasty steps
  • 2to sink a ship deliberately by opening seacocks or making holes in the hull
  • 3a metal container with a lid, used for carrying coal or other fuels

Using scuttle: Examples

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  • Example

    He scuttled across the room to answer the phone.

  • Example

    The captain ordered the crew to scuttle the ship before it could be captured by the enemy.

  • Example

    She carried the scuttle of coal to the fireplace.

scuttle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using scuttle

  • kick the bucket (or scuttle the bucket)

    to die


    He finally kicked the bucket after a long illness.

  • scuttle one's chances

    to ruin one's chances of success


    His careless mistake scuttled his chances of getting the job.

  • to disappear or hide quickly


    The thief scuttled into the shadows when he heard the police siren.

Phrases with scuttle

  • gossip or rumors


    I heard some scuttlebutt about layoffs at the company.

  • to leave quickly and secretly


    He scuttled off when he saw the police coming.

  • to descend quickly and awkwardly


    She scuttled down the ladder to the basement.

Origins of scuttle

from Middle English 'skottel', meaning 'dish, platter'


Summary: scuttle in Brief

The term 'scuttle' [skʌtl] can be used as a verb to describe quick, hasty steps, or sinking a ship deliberately. As a noun, it refers to a metal container with a lid, used for carrying coal or other fuels. It has phrases like 'scuttlebutt,' meaning gossip or rumors, and idioms like 'kick the bucket,' meaning to die, and 'scuttle one's chances,' meaning to ruin one's chances of success.