secondhand Definition

  • 1previously used or owned by another
  • 2not original; derived from what is primary or original

Using secondhand: Examples

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  • Example

    I bought a secondhand car.

  • Example

    She prefers to buy secondhand clothes.

  • Example

    He gave me a secondhand account of the incident.

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    The information I got was only secondhand.

secondhand Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with secondhand

  • smoke from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe that is inhaled involuntarily or passively by others


    I hate going to bars because of all the secondhand smoke.

  • the feeling of embarrassment or discomfort experienced on behalf of someone else's actions or words


    I couldn't watch the video because I was experiencing secondhand embarrassment for the person in it.

  • a market where previously owned goods are sold


    I found a great deal on a bike at the secondhand market.


Summary: secondhand in Brief

The term 'secondhand' [ˈsɛkəndˌhænd] refers to something that has been previously owned or used by another person. It can also mean information that is not firsthand. Examples include 'I bought a secondhand car,' and 'He gave me a secondhand account of the incident.' The phrase 'secondhand smoke' refers to smoke inhaled involuntarily, while 'secondhand embarrassment' describes the feeling of embarrassment for someone else's actions.