seneschal Definition

  • 1a steward or major-domo in a medieval household
  • 2an officer having full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc., in the household of a medieval prince or dignitary

Using seneschal: Examples

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    The seneschal was responsible for managing the household and overseeing the servants.

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    The seneschal was also in charge of organizing and hosting events and ceremonies.

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    The prince's seneschal was a trusted advisor and confidant.

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    The seneschal was an important figure in medieval society.

seneschal Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for seneschal

Phrases with seneschal

  • the highest-ranking officer in the royal household


    The lord high seneschal was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the king's household.

  • an official appointed to manage the affairs of a manor


    The seneschal of the manor was responsible for collecting rents and managing the estate.

  • an officer responsible for the administration of justice in a medieval court


    The seneschal of the court presided over legal proceedings and ensured that justice was served.

Origins of seneschal

from Old French 'seneschal', from Frankish 'sini-skalk' meaning 'senior servant'


Summary: seneschal in Brief

'Seneschal' [ˈsenəʃəl] refers to a steward or major-domo in a medieval household, responsible for managing domestic arrangements, ceremonies, and the administration of justice. It was a position of great importance and trust, with the seneschal often serving as a confidant and advisor to the prince or dignitary. Phrases like 'lord high seneschal' and 'seneschal of the court' further illustrate the role and responsibilities of this historical figure.