shared Definition

  • 1used by everyone in a group
  • 2to have or use something in common with someone else

Using shared: Examples

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  • Example

    They have a shared interest in music.

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    The two countries have a shared history.

  • Example

    The office has a shared printer.

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    The siblings shared a room when they were young.

shared Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with shared

  • a situation where multiple people are responsible for something


    The project's success was a result of shared responsibility among the team members.

  • an experience that is had by multiple people


    The trip to Europe was a shared experience for the group of friends.

  • a goal that is held by multiple people


    The team's shared goal was to win the championship.


Summary: shared in Brief

The term 'shared' [ʃeərd] refers to something that is used or possessed by multiple people, often in a group or community. It can describe interests, experiences, or physical objects, as in 'The office has a shared printer.' 'Shared' also extends into phrases like 'shared responsibility,' denoting a situation where multiple people are responsible for something.