sharpen Definition

  • 1to make something sharp or sharper
  • 2to become sharp or sharper

Using sharpen: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to sharpen my pencil.

  • Example

    Sharpen the knife before you cut the vegetables.

  • Example

    The image on the screen is blurry, I think we need to sharpen it.

sharpen Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for sharpen

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Phrases with sharpen

  • sharpen one's skills

    to improve one's abilities or talents


    She took a course to sharpen her writing skills.

  • sharpen one's focus

    to concentrate more intently on something


    He drank coffee to sharpen his focus during the exam.

  • sharpen one's senses

    to become more alert or aware of one's surroundings


    The smell of coffee helped to sharpen her senses in the morning.


Summary: sharpen in Brief

The verb 'sharpen' [ˈʃɑːpən] means to make something sharp or to become sharper. It can refer to physical objects like pencils and knives, as well as abstract concepts like skills and focus. Common phrases include 'sharpen one's skills' and 'sharpen one's focus.' Synonyms include 'hone' and 'grind,' while antonyms include 'dull' and 'blunt.'

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