shit Definition

  • 1solid waste from the body; excrement
  • 2something considered worthless, contemptible, or of very poor quality
  • 3an act of defecating
  • 4nonsense; rubbish

Using shit: Examples

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  • Example

    The dog left a pile of shit on the carpet.

  • Example

    This movie is shit, don't waste your time watching it.

  • Example

    I need to take a shit.

  • Example

    Don't listen to him, he's talking shit.

shit Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for shit

Phrases with shit

  • to care about something


    I don't give a shit about what he thinks.

  • scared shitless

    extremely frightened


    I was scared shitless when I saw the spider.

  • an expression of surprise or shock


    Holy shit, I can't believe we won!


Summary: shit in Brief

The term 'shit' [ʃɪt] refers to solid waste from the body, or an act of defecating. It is also used to describe something considered worthless, contemptible, or of very poor quality, as in 'This movie is shit.' 'Shit' extends into phrases like 'give a shit,' meaning to care about something, and 'scared shitless,' meaning extremely frightened.

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