shotgun Definition

  • 1a gun with a long barrel that fires a large number of small pellets at one time, used for hunting birds and animals
  • 2the front seat of a car, next to the driver

Using shotgun: Examples

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  • Example

    He went hunting with his shotgun.

  • Example

    The shotgun was too heavy for her to carry.

  • Example

    I called shotgun before anyone else could.

  • Example

    She sat in the shotgun seat while he drove.

shotgun Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for shotgun

Phrases with shotgun

  • to sit in the front passenger seat of a vehicle


    Can I ride shotgun on the way there?

  • a wedding that is arranged quickly and without much planning because the woman is pregnant


    They had a shotgun wedding after she found out she was pregnant.

  • a formation in American football where the quarterback lines up several yards behind the center and a running back lines up next to him on either side


    The team used a shotgun formation to throw off the defense.


Summary: shotgun in Brief

The term 'shotgun' [ˈʃɑːtɡʌn] refers to a type of firearm with a long barrel that fires small pellets, often used for hunting. It also refers to the front seat of a car next to the driver. The phrase 'ride shotgun' means to sit in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. Other phrases include 'shotgun wedding,' a hastily arranged wedding due to pregnancy, and 'shotgun formation,' a football formation.

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