simulated Definition

  • 1imitating the conditions of a situation, often for training or experimental purposes
  • 2made to look like something else, especially something natural

Using simulated: Examples

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  • Example

    The flight simulator provides a simulated experience of flying a plane.

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    The experiment used a simulated environment to test the effects of climate change.

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    The movie used simulated special effects to create realistic explosions and destruction.

  • Example

    The artificial flowers looked so real that I thought they were genuine until I touched them.

simulated Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for simulated

Phrases with simulated

  • an artificial diamond made to look like a real one


    She was wearing a beautiful ring with a simulated diamond.

  • a synthetic material made to look and feel like leather


    The sofa was covered in simulated leather, which was more affordable than real leather.

  • a material made to look like wood, often used in furniture or flooring


    The laminate flooring was made of simulated wood, which was more durable than real wood.

Origins of simulated

from Latin 'simulare', meaning 'to imitate'


Summary: simulated in Brief

The term 'simulated' [ˈsɪmjuleɪtɪd] refers to something that imitates a situation or object, often for training or experimental purposes. It can also mean something made to look like something else, such as 'simulated leather.' Examples include a flight simulator, a simulated environment for testing climate change, and simulated special effects in movies.

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