simultaneous Definition

occurring, operating, or done at the same time.

Using simultaneous: Examples

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    The two events were simultaneous.

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    The movie and the soundtrack were released simultaneously.

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    The company announced the layoff of employees and the closure of a plant simultaneously.

simultaneous Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with simultaneous

  • an equation involving two or more unknowns that are to have the same value in each of the equations


    Solving simultaneous equations can be challenging for some students.

  • the immediate translation of spoken words from one language into another


    The conference provided simultaneous translation for attendees who spoke different languages.

  • a visual effect where the perception of one color is affected by the presence of another color


    Simultaneous contrast can be observed when placing two different colors side by side.

Origins of simultaneous

from Latin 'simultaneus', from 'simul', meaning 'at the same time'


Summary: simultaneous in Brief

The term 'simultaneous' [ˌsɪməlˈteɪniəs] refers to things that occur, operate, or are done at the same time. It is often used to describe events, releases, or announcements that happen concurrently, as in 'The movie and the soundtrack were released simultaneously.' 'Simultaneous' also extends into phrases like 'simultaneous equation,' which involves multiple unknowns with the same value, and 'simultaneous translation,' which provides immediate translations of spoken words.

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