singular Definition

  • 1denoting or referring to just one person or thing
  • 2exceptionally good or great; remarkable

Using singular: Examples

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    She has a singular focus on her career.

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    The singular beauty of the sunset took his breath away.

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    The singular goal of the team is to win the championship.

singular Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with singular

  • a grammatical term used to describe the relationship between a possessor and something they own or have


    In the sentence 'This is John's book,' 'John's' is the singular possessive.

  • a gender-neutral pronoun used to refer to a person whose gender is unknown or non-binary


    If someone needs help, they should ask for it.

  • a mathematical technique used to decompose a matrix into its constituent parts


    Singular value decomposition is widely used in data analysis and machine learning.

Origins of singular

from Old French 'singuler', from Latin 'singularis', from 'singulus' meaning 'one at a time'


Summary: singular in Brief

The term 'singular' [ˈsɪŋɡjʊlə] refers to something that is unique, exceptional, or refers to just one person or thing. It can be used to describe a person's focus or goal, as in 'She has a singular focus on her career.' 'Singular' also has grammatical uses like 'singular possessive' and 'singular they.'

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