sleuth Definition

a detective.

Using sleuth: Examples

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    The sleuth solved the mystery in just a few days.

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    She hired a sleuth to investigate her husband's disappearance.

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    The book features a famous sleuth who solves crimes in London.

sleuth Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for sleuth

Phrases with sleuth

  • to discover or find something by careful searching or investigation


    He managed to sleuth out the truth about the company's finances.

  • a person who investigates crimes as a hobby rather than as a profession


    The novel's protagonist is an amateur sleuth who stumbles upon a murder mystery.

  • an expert detective who is highly skilled at solving complex cases


    The master sleuth was able to solve the case that had baffled the police for months.


Summary: sleuth in Brief

A 'sleuth' [sluːθ] is a detective, often hired to investigate a crime or mystery. The term can also refer to amateur detectives or fictional characters, such as the famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes. 'Sleuth out' means to discover something through careful investigation.