slightly Definition

  • 1to a small degree; not considerably
  • 2almost imperceptibly

Using slightly: Examples

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  • Example

    I'm slightly nervous about the presentation tomorrow.

  • Example

    The dress was slightly too big for her.

  • Example

    The temperature has dropped slightly since yesterday.

  • Example

    He smiled slightly at her comment.

slightly Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for slightly

Phrases with slightly

  • having a thin and delicate build


    She was slightly built and had a fragile appearance.

  • having consumed a small amount of alcohol, enough to feel its effects but not enough to be intoxicated


    After two glasses of wine, she felt slightly drunk.

  • not quite right or accurate


    The painting looked slightly off, as if something was missing.


Summary: slightly in Brief

The term 'slightly' [ˈslaɪtli] refers to a small degree or almost imperceptibly. It is used to describe things that are not considerably different or changed, as in 'The temperature has dropped slightly since yesterday.' 'Slightly' can also be used to describe people's physical appearance, such as 'slightly built,' or their level of intoxication, as in 'slightly drunk.'

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