smell Definition

  • 1the faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in the nose
  • 2an odor or scent, especially a pleasant one
  • 3a quality detected by means other than the sense of sight or hearing; an instinctive appreciation

Using smell: Examples

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  • Example

    The smell of freshly baked bread wafted through the air.

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    I love the smell of roses in the garden.

  • Example

    She has a keen sense of smell and can detect even the slightest odors.

smell Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for smell

Phrases with smell

  • to suspect that something is wrong or dishonest


    I smelled a rat when he refused to answer my questions.

  • smell blood

    to sense weakness or vulnerability in an opponent


    The team smelled blood and went on to win the game.

  • to take time to appreciate and enjoy the good things in life


    After years of working hard, she decided to take a break and smell the roses.

Origins of smell

from Old English 'smele', related to 'smell' (verb)


Summary: smell in Brief

The term 'smell' [smel] refers to the sense of perceiving odors or scents, as well as the odors themselves. It can also denote an instinctive appreciation of a quality, such as danger. Phrases like 'smell a rat' and 'smell blood' are idiomatic expressions that convey suspicion or sensing weakness. 'Smell the roses' is an idiom that encourages taking time to appreciate the good things in life.

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