sneak Definition

  • 1to move quietly and secretly in order to avoid being noticed
  • 2to take or bring something secretly or surreptitiously

Using sneak: Examples

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  • Example

    He tried to sneak out of the room without being seen.

  • Example

    She managed to sneak a peek at the test answers.

  • Example

    He sneaked into the party without an invitation.

  • Example

    The thief sneaked up behind her and stole her purse.

sneak Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with sneak

  • an advance showing of a movie, television program, etc., before its general release


    We got a sneak preview of the new exhibit before it opened to the public.

  • sneak up on

    to approach someone or something quietly and unexpectedly


    The cat sneaked up on the bird and caught it.

  • a person who steals things by moving quietly and secretly


    The police are looking for a sneak thief who has been stealing from local stores.


Summary: sneak in Brief

To 'sneak' [sniːk] is to move quietly and secretly to avoid being noticed or to take or bring something secretly. Examples include 'He tried to sneak out of the room without being seen.' and 'She managed to sneak a peek at the test answers.' Phrases like 'sneak preview' and 'sneak thief' extend the term's usage.

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