snobbery Definition

the behavior or attitude of people who think they are better than others because they are from a higher social class, have more education, etc..

Using snobbery: Examples

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    His snobbery was evident when he refused to sit with us.

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    She was accused of snobbery for only associating with wealthy people.

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    The restaurant's snobbery was off-putting to many customers.

snobbery Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with snobbery

  • the belief that one culture is superior to another


    He was accused of cultural snobbery for dismissing the art of other cultures.

  • the belief that one's intellectual abilities are superior to those of others


    Her intellectual snobbery made it difficult for her to connect with people who didn't share her interests.

  • the belief that one's fashion choices are superior to those of others


    The fashion snobbery of the magazine made many readers feel inadequate about their own style.


Summary: snobbery in Brief

Snobbery [หˆsnษ’bษ™ri] refers to the behavior or attitude of people who believe they are better than others due to their social class, education, or other factors. It can manifest in various forms such as cultural, intellectual, or fashion snobbery. Examples include refusing to associate with certain people or dismissing the art or fashion of other cultures. Antonyms include humility and modesty.