solar Definition

  • 1relating to or determined by the sun
  • 2using or operated by energy derived from the sun

Using solar: Examples

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    Solar energy is a renewable source of power.

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    The solar system consists of the sun and its planets.

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    The house has solar panels on the roof.

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    The solar eclipse was visible from our city.

solar Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with solar

  • a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen, behind the stomach, that regulates the functioning of several internal organs


    He felt a sharp pain in his solar plexus after getting punched in the stomach.

  • a sudden and intense burst of radiation from the sun's surface


    The solar flare disrupted radio communications on Earth.

  • a stream of charged particles ejected from the sun's corona that travels through space


    The solar wind can cause auroras when it interacts with the Earth's magnetic field.


Summary: solar in Brief

The term 'solar' [ˈsoʊlər] refers to things related to the sun, such as the solar system or solar energy. It can also describe things that use energy derived from the sun, like solar panels. The phrase 'solar plexus' refers to a network of nerves in the abdomen, while 'solar flare' and 'solar wind' are phenomena that occur on the sun. 'Solar' is often used formally to describe things powered by the sun, and informally to describe sunny weather.

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