specialized Definition

  • 1requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training
  • 2designed or developed for a particular purpose or function

Using specialized: Examples

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    She has specialized knowledge in the field of medicine.

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    The company offers specialized services for small businesses.

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    He is a specialized technician who repairs high-end cameras.

specialized Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for specialized

Phrases with specialized

  • a specific area of study or expertise that requires advanced knowledge or training


    Her research focuses on a specialized field within neuroscience.

  • tools or machinery designed for a specific task or purpose


    The construction crew used specialized equipment to dig the foundation.

  • instruction or education that is tailored to a specific skill or profession


    The new recruits underwent specialized training to prepare them for their roles in the military.


Summary: specialized in Brief

The term 'specialized' [ˈspeʃəlaɪzd] refers to something that requires detailed knowledge or training, or is designed for a particular purpose. It can describe a person with specific expertise, such as 'He is a specialized technician,' or a service tailored to a specific group, like 'The company offers specialized services for small businesses.' Phrases like 'specialized field' and 'specialized training' denote areas of study or instruction that require advanced knowledge.

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