spinster Definition

an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage.

Using spinster: Examples

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    She was a spinster who lived alone in a small cottage.

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    The novel's protagonist is a spinster who finds love later in life.

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    In the past, being a spinster was often seen as a negative thing.

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    My great-aunt was a spinster who never married.

spinster Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for spinster

  • old maid
  • bachelor girl
  • single woman

Antonyms for spinster

  • married woman

Phrases with spinster

  • a woman who has remained unmarried past the usual age and is unlikely to marry


    She was a confirmed spinster who had no interest in finding a husband.

  • an unmarried aunt, often used as a stereotype of an older unmarried woman


    My spinster aunt always gave me socks for Christmas.

  • a fashion trend that celebrates the style of unmarried women, often featuring vintage clothing and accessories


    Her outfit had a spinster chic vibe, with a high-necked blouse and a long skirt.

Origins of spinster

from 'spin' + '-ster', referring to a woman who spins thread for a living


Summary: spinster in Brief

A 'spinster' [ˈspɪnstər] is an unmarried woman, typically beyond the usual age for marriage. It can carry negative connotations but also be used as a neutral descriptor. Examples include 'She was a spinster who lived alone in a small cottage.' and 'My great-aunt was a spinster who never married.' Phrases like 'confirmed spinster' and 'spinster aunt' exist, as well as the fashion trend 'spinster chic.'

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