sporty Definition

  • 1having or showing a keen interest in sports
  • 2having a style or appearance associated with sports

Using sporty: Examples

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  • Example

    She's always been very sporty and loves playing tennis.

  • Example

    The car has a sporty look with its sleek design and racing stripes.

  • Example

    He dressed in a sporty outfit for the hiking trip.

sporty Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with sporty

  • a car designed for performance and speed, often with a sleek and aerodynamic design


    He loves driving his sporty car on the open road.

  • a nickname for Melanie Chisholm, a member of the Spice Girls known for her athletic and sporty image


    Sporty Spice was always my favorite member of the group.

  • a fashion style that combines sportswear with high-end fashion, creating a trendy and comfortable look


    She loves wearing sporty chic outfits to work, combining sneakers with tailored pants and blazers.


Summary: sporty in Brief

The term 'sporty' [ˈspɔːti] describes someone who is interested in sports or has a style associated with sports. It can refer to a person's athletic abilities or their fashion choices, as in 'He dressed in a sporty outfit for the hiking trip.' 'Sporty' can also be used to describe a car designed for performance, such as a 'sporty car.'

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