squandering Definition

  • 1spending money or using resources in a way that is wasteful or not sensible
  • 2allowing an opportunity to pass or be lost

Using squandering: Examples

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  • Example

    He was accused of squandering public funds on lavish parties.

  • Example

    She regretted squandering her chance to study abroad.

  • Example

    The company is squandering its resources on unnecessary expenses.

  • Example

    Don't squander your time on trivial matters.

squandering Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for squandering

Antonyms for squandering

Phrases with squandering

  • to waste or spend recklessly


    He squandered away his inheritance on gambling and luxury.

  • a person who has great potential but wastes it due to lack of effort or poor choices


    He was a squandered talent, having the ability to become a great musician but never practicing enough.

  • a chance or opening that was wasted or missed


    The team's loss was due to their opportunities squandered in the first half of the game.


Summary: squandering in Brief

Squandering [ˈskwɒndərɪŋ] refers to spending money or resources in a wasteful or impractical manner, as well as missing or losing opportunities. Examples include 'He was accused of squandering public funds on lavish parties.' and 'She regretted squandering her chance to study abroad.' Synonyms include 'wasting' and 'lavishing,' while antonyms include 'saving' and 'conserving.'