squander Definition

  • 1to waste something, especially money or time, in a reckless and foolish manner
  • 2to allow an opportunity to pass or be lost

Using squander: Examples

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  • Example

    He squandered all his inheritance on gambling.

  • Example

    She squandered her youth on a dead-end job.

  • Example

    Don't squander this chance to make a difference.

  • Example

    The team squandered a two-goal lead in the second half.

squander Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using squander

  • money that has been wasted or lost due to poor decisions or actions


    All that investment turned out to be money down the drain when the company went bankrupt.

  • time is a valuable resource that should not be wasted


    We need to work efficiently and not waste time because time is money.

  • to continue to spend money on a failing project or investment


    The company was losing money on the project but they kept throwing good money after bad.

Phrases with squander

  • to waste or use up something in a foolish or careless way


    He squandered away all his savings on luxuries.

  • to waste or fail to make use of one's natural abilities or skills


    He squandered his talent by not practicing enough.

  • an occasion where one fails to take advantage of a chance or situation


    The company's failure to invest in new technology was a squandered opportunity.

Origins of squander

from Middle English 'squaundren', meaning 'to scatter', from Old Northern French 'esquander', meaning 'to spend money extravagantly'


Summary: squander in Brief

'Squander' [หˆskwษ’ndษ™(r)] means to recklessly waste something, such as money or time, or to let an opportunity slip away. Examples include 'He squandered all his inheritance on gambling' and 'Don't squander this chance to make a difference.' Phrases like 'squandered opportunity' and idioms like 'money down the drain' emphasize the negative consequences of wasting resources.