stadium Definition

a large sports ground with rows of seats for spectators.

Using stadium: Examples

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    The stadium was filled with cheering fans.

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    The team won the championship at the stadium.

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    The concert was held at the local stadium.

stadium Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for stadium

Phrases with stadium

  • seating arranged in tiers, each row higher than the one in front, to give a clear view of an event or performance


    The movie theater has stadium seating, so everyone can see the screen clearly.

  • a style of rock music that is characterized by its large-scale sound, use of visual effects, and emphasis on audience participation


    Queen's Live Aid performance is often cited as a defining moment in the history of stadium rock.

  • a coordinated sequence of actions in which fans stand up and raise their arms, then sit down again, creating a visual effect that appears to move around the stadium in a wave-like motion


    The stadium wave started in one corner of the arena and quickly spread throughout the entire crowd.


Summary: stadium in Brief

A 'stadium' [ˈsteɪdiəm] is a large sports ground with rows of seats for spectators. It is typically used for sporting events, concerts, and other large-scale performances. 'Stadium' can also refer to specific features like 'stadium seating,' where seats are arranged in tiers, and 'stadium rock,' a style of rock music characterized by its large-scale sound and emphasis on audience participation.

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