stanchion Definition

an upright bar, post, or frame forming a support or barrier.

Using stanchion: Examples

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    The stanchions around the stage were decorated with flowers.

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    The cattle were held in place by metal stanchions.

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    The crowd was separated from the performers by a line of stanchions.

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    The boat was secured to the dock with stanchions and ropes.

stanchion Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for stanchion

Phrases with stanchion

  • stanchion-mounted

    attached to a stanchion or using a stanchion as a support


    The stanchion-mounted light illuminated the deck of the ship.

  • a block or pulley attached to a stanchion for use in rigging


    The sailor used the stanchion block to hoist the sail.

  • a hollow tube used as a stanchion


    The stanchion tube was made of aluminum for lightness and durability.

Origins of stanchion

from Old French 'estanchon', meaning 'prop'


Summary: stanchion in Brief

The term 'stanchion' [ˈstænʃən] refers to an upright bar, post, or frame that serves as a support or barrier. It can be used to decorate or secure objects, as in 'The stanchions around the stage were decorated with flowers.' 'Stanchion' also appears in phrases like 'stanchion-mounted,' 'stanchion block,' and 'stanchion tube,' which refer to attachments or uses of stanchions in rigging and construction.