sterility Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being sterile, meaning free from living organisms and especially microorganisms
  • 2the inability to produce offspring or bear children

Using sterility: Examples

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    The sterility of the surgical instruments is crucial to prevent infections.

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    The soil's sterility made it difficult to grow crops.

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    The couple's sterility was caused by a medical condition.

sterility Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for sterility

Phrases with sterility

  • a set of procedures and practices designed to ensure that a product or process is sterile


    The pharmaceutical company has strict sterility assurance protocols in place.

  • a test performed to determine whether a substance or object is sterile


    The sterility test confirmed that the medical equipment was free from microorganisms.

  • the inability of a male to impregnate a female


    The doctor diagnosed the couple's infertility as being due to male sterility.


Summary: sterility in Brief

Sterility [stəˈrɪləti] refers to the quality or state of being free from living organisms, or the inability to produce offspring. It can describe the cleanliness of surgical instruments or the difficulty of growing crops in infertile soil. Sterility can also refer to medical conditions that prevent reproduction, such as male sterility. Synonyms include 'barrenness' and 'infertility.'