straighten Definition

  • 1to make something straight or to become straight
  • 2to make something organized or tidy

Using straighten: Examples

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  • Example

    She straightened her hair with a flat iron.

  • Example

    He straightened his tie before the interview.

  • Example

    I need to straighten up my room before guests arrive.

  • Example

    The teacher asked the students to straighten their desks.

straighten Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for straighten

Antonyms for straighten

Phrases with straighten

  • to resolve a problem or confusion


    We need to straighten out this misunderstanding before it gets worse.

  • to start behaving properly and responsibly


    After failing his exams, he decided to straighten up and fly right.

  • straighten someone's back

    to make someone feel more confident or assertive


    The coach's pep talk straightened the team's backs and they won the game.


Summary: straighten in Brief

The verb 'straighten' [ˈstreɪtn] means to make something straight or organized. It can refer to physical objects like hair or clothing, as in 'She straightened her hair with a flat iron,' or to spaces like rooms or desks, as in 'The teacher asked the students to straighten their desks.' 'Straighten' also has idiomatic uses, such as 'straighten out,' meaning to resolve a problem, and 'straighten up and fly right,' meaning to start behaving properly.

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