street Definition

a public road in a city or town, typically with buildings on one or both sides.

Using street: Examples

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    I live on Main Street.

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    The street was crowded with people and cars.

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    He walked down the street to get to the store.

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    The streetlights illuminated the dark street.

street Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for street

Idioms Using street

  • hit the streets

    to go out into the streets, especially to protest or demonstrate


    The workers hit the streets to demand better working conditions.

  • having practical knowledge and experience of life in the streets, especially in urban areas


    She grew up in the inner city and is very street smart.

  • streets ahead

    far superior to something else


    Their new product is streets ahead of their competitors.

Phrases with street

  • the main street of a town, usually where most of the shops and businesses are located


    I need to go to the high street to buy some new clothes.

  • a smaller street that connects to a main street


    The restaurant is located on a side street off of the main road.

  • dead-end street

    a street that has no outlet


    The house at the end of the dead-end street is for sale.

Origins of street

from Old English 'strǣt', meaning 'paved way'


Summary: street in Brief

The term 'street' [striːt] refers to a public road in a city or town, often lined with buildings. It is a common location for daily activities, such as walking to the store or driving to work. 'Street' can be modified by phrases like 'high street' or 'dead-end street,' and idioms like 'hit the streets' or 'street smart' convey additional meanings.

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