strictly Definition

  • 1in a way that is severe or inflexible
  • 2in a way that is limited to a particular area, group, or subject

Using strictly: Examples

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    The rules are strictly enforced.

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    He adheres strictly to his diet.

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    This event is strictly for adults only.

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    I'm strictly against animal testing.

strictly Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with strictly

  • used to indicate that a statement is an accurate but narrow description of something, and that there is more to be said or considered


    Strictly speaking, the company is not in financial trouble, but it could be if sales don't improve.

  • a British television show featuring celebrities who are paired with professional dancers and compete in ballroom dancing


    My mom loves watching Strictly Come Dancing every weekend.

  • strictly business

    pertaining to a situation or relationship that is purely professional and not personal


    Let's keep this meeting strictly business and avoid discussing personal matters.


Summary: strictly in Brief

The adverb 'strictly' [ˈstrɪktli] has two main meanings. Firstly, it refers to something being done in a severe or inflexible manner, such as 'The rules are strictly enforced.' Secondly, it can mean something being limited to a particular area, group, or subject, like 'This event is strictly for adults only.' Other phrases include 'strictly speaking,' indicating a narrow description, and 'strictly business,' meaning a purely professional relationship.

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