strong Definition

  • 1having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks
  • 2able to withstand great force or pressure
  • 3having a powerful effect on someone's mind or feelings
  • 4not easily affected by disease or hardship

Using strong: Examples

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  • Example

    He is very strong and can lift heavy weights with ease.

  • Example

    The strong winds blew down trees and power lines.

  • Example

    Her argument was so strong that I had to agree with her.

  • Example

    She has a strong immune system and rarely gets sick.

strong Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for strong

Idioms Using strong

  • to become increasingly successful or powerful


    Since opening their new store, the business has gone from strength to strength.

  • put on a brave face (or front)

    to try to appear brave or cheerful when one is actually feeling scared or upset


    Even though she was nervous about the interview, she put on a brave face and did her best.

  • have a lot of nerve

    to be very bold or audacious


    I can't believe he had the nerve to ask for a raise after only working here for a month.

Phrases with strong

  • strong suit

    a particular area of strength or expertise


    His strong suit is his ability to communicate effectively with people.

  • strong-willed

    determined to do what one wants, even in the face of opposition or difficulty


    She is a strong-willed person who never gives up on her goals.

  • strong-arm tactics

    the use of force or threats to make someone do something


    The company used strong-arm tactics to force its employees to work longer hours.


Summary: strong in Brief

The term 'strong' [strɒŋ] describes physical and mental attributes that are resistant to external forces. It can refer to physical strength, as in 'He is very strong and can lift heavy weights with ease,' or mental strength, as in 'Her argument was so strong that I had to agree with her.' 'Strong' also extends into phrases like 'strong suit,' and idioms like 'go from strength to strength,' denoting increasing success, and 'have a lot of nerve,' implying boldness.

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