submerged Definition

  • 1completely covered or hidden under water
  • 2immersed in or covered by a liquid

Using submerged: Examples

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    The boat was almost completely submerged.

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    The city was submerged by the flood.

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    The divers were submerged for several minutes.

submerged Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with submerged

  • a welding process that uses an electric arc between a continuously fed wire electrode and the workpiece


    Submerged arc welding is commonly used in heavy industrial applications.

  • plants that grow entirely underwater or with their leaves and stems above the water's surface


    Submerged aquatic vegetation provides important habitat for fish and other aquatic animals.

  • a fermentation process in which microorganisms are grown in a liquid medium


    Submerged fermentation is used to produce a wide range of products, including antibiotics and enzymes.


Summary: submerged in Brief

'Submerged' [səbˈmɜːdʒd] means completely covered or hidden under water or immersed in or covered by a liquid. It is often used to describe objects or places that are underwater, such as 'The boat was almost completely submerged.' 'Submerged' can also refer to specific processes like 'submerged arc welding' or 'submerged fermentation.'