supportively Definition

  • 1in a way that shows agreement or encouragement towards someone or something
  • 2in a way that provides help or assistance to someone or something

Using supportively: Examples

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  • Example

    She nodded supportively as her friend spoke about her struggles.

  • Example

    The coach spoke supportively to the team after their loss.

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    He always listens supportively when I need to talk about my problems.

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Summary: supportively in Brief

The adverb 'supportively' [səˈpɔːtɪvli] describes actions that show agreement, encouragement, or assistance. It is often used in situations where someone needs emotional or practical help, such as 'She nodded supportively as her friend spoke about her struggles.' 'Supportively' is synonymous with 'encouragingly,' 'helpfully,' and 'positively.'