surround Definition

  • 1to be all around someone or something
  • 2to form a circle around someone or something
  • 3to be closely related to or associated with something

Using surround: Examples

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  • Example

    The house is surrounded by a high fence.

  • Example

    The city is surrounded by mountains.

  • Example

    The police surrounded the building.

  • Example

    The children surrounded the teacher, eager to hear the story.

surround Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with surround

  • a system of sound recording and reproduction using multiple audio channels from speakers positioned around the listener to create a more realistic and immersive audio experience


    The movie was even better with the surround sound system.

  • to be in the company of people or things that you enjoy or that are important to you


    She likes to surround herself with positive people.

  • surroundings

    the conditions or environment in which someone or something exists


    The hotel had beautiful surroundings.


Summary: surround in Brief

The verb 'surround' [səˈraʊnd] means to encircle or be all around someone or something. It can also mean to be closely related or associated with something. Examples include 'The police surrounded the building' and 'The city is surrounded by mountains.' Phrases include 'surround sound,' a system of sound recording, and 'surround yourself with,' meaning to be in the company of people or things that you enjoy.

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