suspect Definition

  • 1have an idea or impression of the existence or presence of something without certain proof
  • 2a person thought to be guilty of a crime or offense

Using suspect: Examples

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  • Example

    I suspect that he is lying.

  • Example

    The police have several suspects in custody.

  • Example

    She is suspected of stealing the money.

  • Example

    He was suspected of cheating on the exam.

suspect Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using suspect

  • believe or think that someone has done something wrong or illegal


    The police suspect him of stealing the car.

  • being suspected of having done something wrong or illegal


    He is under suspicion for embezzlement.

  • cause others to become suspicious or doubtful


    His sudden wealth raised suspicion among his colleagues.

Phrases with suspect

  • a package or object that is considered suspicious or dangerous and may contain explosives or other harmful materials


    The airport security team found a suspect package in the baggage area.

  • the main person who is believed to have committed a crime or offense


    The police have identified him as the prime suspect in the robbery case.

  • actions or conduct that is considered suspicious or questionable


    The teacher noticed some suspect behavior during the exam and reported it to the principal.

Origins of suspect

from Latin 'suspectare', meaning 'to mistrust'


Summary: suspect in Brief

The term 'suspect' [səˈspekt] refers to having an idea or impression of something without certain proof, or a person thought to be guilty of a crime. It can be used in phrases like 'suspect package' or 'prime suspect,' and idioms like 'suspect someone of something,' implying suspicion of wrongdoing, and 'raise suspicion,' indicating actions that cause doubt.

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