talented Definition

having a natural aptitude or skill for something.

Using talented: Examples

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    She is a talented musician.

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    He is a talented writer.

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    The team is full of talented players.

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    The school has a talented art program.

talented Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with talented

  • a performance event where participants showcase their skills and abilities in front of an audience


    The school's talent show featured singers, dancers, and musicians.

  • a person whose job is to find talented individuals for a particular purpose, such as for a sports team or entertainment industry


    The talent scout was impressed by the young athlete's skills and offered him a spot on the team.

  • natural ability or skill that has not been developed or refined


    The coach saw raw talent in the young player and worked with him to develop his skills.


Summary: talented in Brief

The term 'talented' [ˈtæləntɪd] describes someone who has a natural aptitude or skill for something. It can be used to describe individuals or groups, such as 'The team is full of talented players.' 'Talented' extends into phrases like 'talent show,' and 'talent scout,' denoting events or people that seek out skilled individuals.

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