gifted Definition

  • 1having exceptional talent or natural ability
  • 2endowed with a special talent or ability

Using gifted: Examples

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    She is a gifted musician.

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    The school has a program for gifted students.

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    He was gifted in mathematics from a young age.

gifted Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with gifted

  • a term used to describe students who have exceptional abilities in academic subjects, creative arts, or leadership skills


    The school's gifted and talented program provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents.

  • a child who shows exceptional talent or ability in one or more areas, such as music, art, or academics


    The school identified her as a gifted child and provided her with additional resources and support.

  • education programs and services designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented students


    The school district offers a range of gifted education programs, including advanced classes and enrichment activities.


Summary: gifted in Brief

The term 'gifted' [ˈɡɪftɪd] describes individuals who possess exceptional talent or natural ability. It is often used to refer to students who excel in academic or creative fields, as in 'The school has a program for gifted students.' 'Gifted' can also be used to describe individuals with innate abilities, as in 'She is a gifted musician.'

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