technician Definition

a person skilled in the practical application of technology, especially in a particular area such as engineering or electronics.

Using technician: Examples

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    The technician repaired the computer.

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    The lab technician analyzed the samples.

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    The automotive technician fixed the car's engine.

technician Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with technician

  • a person who works with audio equipment and systems


    The audio technician adjusted the sound levels for the concert.

  • a person who repairs and maintains computer hardware and software


    The computer technician replaced the faulty hard drive.

  • a person who assists pharmacists in dispensing medications and managing pharmacy operations


    The pharmacy technician filled the prescription and provided instructions to the patient.


Summary: technician in Brief

A 'technician' [tekˈnɪʃən] is a skilled person in the practical application of technology, often in a specific field like engineering or electronics. Examples include 'The technician repaired the computer.' 'Technician' extends into phrases like 'audio technician,' 'computer technician,' and 'pharmacy technician,' denoting specialized areas of expertise.