teetotaler Definition

a person who never drinks alcohol.

Using teetotaler: Examples

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    My grandfather was a teetotaler and never touched a drop of alcohol in his life.

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    As a teetotaler, she always orders a soda when dining out.

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    He became a teetotaler after experiencing the negative effects of alcohol on his health.

teetotaler Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for teetotaler

Phrases with teetotaler

  • the practice or principle of complete abstinence from alcoholic drinks


    Teetotalism is a common practice among certain religious groups.

  • teetotalize

    to become a teetotaler or to make someone else become one


    After years of heavy drinking, he decided to teetotalize and quit alcohol altogether.

  • teetotaler's drink

    a non-alcoholic drink


    The bartender offered her a teetotaler's drink when she said she wasn't drinking alcohol.

Origins of teetotaler

from 'T-total', a term used by early 19th-century temperance societies to mean total abstinence from alcohol


Summary: teetotaler in Brief

'Teetotaler' [tiːˈtəʊtlə] refers to a person who abstains from alcohol completely. It is often associated with religious or health reasons, as well as personal choice. The term has spawned related words like 'teetotalism,' which denotes the practice of complete abstinence from alcoholic drinks, and 'teetotalize,' which means to become a teetotaler or to make someone else become one.