abstainer Definition

a person who abstains from something, especially alcohol.

Using abstainer: Examples

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    He's been an abstainer for years and never touches a drop of alcohol.

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    The party was full of drinkers, but there were a few abstainers too.

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    As an abstainer, she always orders a soda or juice when out with friends.

abstainer Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with abstainer

  • a social movement promoting abstinence from alcohol


    The abstainer movement gained popularity in the early 20th century.

  • a promise to abstain from alcohol


    He took the abstainer pledge and has been sober ever since.

  • withdrawal symptoms experienced by someone who stops drinking alcohol


    He experienced abstainer syndrome after quitting drinking.

Origins of abstainer

from Latin 'abstinent-' meaning 'refraining'


Summary: abstainer in Brief

An 'abstainer' [əbˈsteɪnər] is a person who refrains from something, especially alcohol. It is often used to describe someone who chooses not to drink alcohol. The term can also be used in phrases like 'abstainer movement,' which refers to a social movement promoting abstinence from alcohol, and 'abstainer pledge,' which is a promise to abstain from alcohol.