tenanted Definition

  • 1(of a building or property) occupied by tenants
  • 2(of land) held by tenants

Using tenanted: Examples

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  • Example

    The tenanted property was in need of repairs.

  • Example

    The company owns several tenanted buildings in the city.

  • Example

    The land is tenanted by several farmers.

  • Example

    The tenanted apartment was recently renovated.

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Summary: tenanted in Brief

'Tenanted' [ˈtɛnəntɪd] describes a building or property that is currently being rented or leased by tenants, or land that is held by tenants. It is often used in real estate and property management contexts, as in 'The company owns several tenanted buildings in the city.' 'Tenanted' is synonymous with 'occupied' or 'inhabited,' and antonyms include 'unoccupied' or 'vacant.'