tennis Definition

a sport in which two or four people hit a small ball to each other over a net.

Using tennis: Examples

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    I play tennis every weekend with my friends.

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    She is a professional tennis player.

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    The tennis match was very intense and exciting.

tennis Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for tennis

  • court game
  • racquet sport

Phrases with tennis

  • tennis court

    a rectangular surface with a low net stretched across the center, used for playing tennis


    We reserved a tennis court for this afternoon.

  • shoes designed for playing tennis, usually with a rubber sole and a lightweight upper


    He bought a new pair of tennis shoes for the tournament.

  • a painful condition caused by overuse of the forearm muscles and tendons, often resulting from playing tennis


    She had to take a break from playing tennis due to her tennis elbow.


Summary: tennis in Brief

Tennis [หˆtษ›nษชs] is a sport played by two or four people who hit a small ball to each other over a net. It involves a rectangular surface called a 'tennis court' and specialized shoes called 'tennis shoes.' Playing tennis can cause a painful condition called 'tennis elbow.'

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