thinness Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being thin
  • 2lack of thickness or depth

Using thinness: Examples

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    The thinness of the ice made it dangerous to walk on.

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    The thinness of the paper made it easy to tear.

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    The thinness of her hair made her self-conscious.

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    The dress accentuated her thinness.

thinness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with thinness

  • a small, seemingly insignificant change that will likely lead to much larger, more significant changes in the future


    Allowing employees to work from home occasionally may be the thin end of the wedge towards a fully remote workforce.

  • paper-thin

    extremely thin, as thin as a sheet of paper


    The paper-thin walls of the apartment allowed us to hear our neighbors' conversations.

  • razor-thin

    extremely thin, as thin as a razor blade


    The election results were so close that the margin of victory was razor-thin.


Summary: thinness in Brief

The term 'thinness' [ˈθɪn.nəs] refers to the quality or state of being thin, or the lack of thickness or depth. It can describe physical objects such as ice, paper, and hair, as well as people's bodies. 'Thinness' is often used in phrases like 'the thin end of the wedge,' which denotes a small change that will lead to larger ones, and 'paper-thin' and 'razor-thin,' which describe extreme thinness.